S L O W the growth in Lake Wylie

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Dear York County Council Members,

Please help us SLOW the growth in Lake Wylie. We would like for you to not approve rezonings for higher density. There is a development proposed adjacent to Mill Creek and it is currently zoned for 89 homes. The developer is proposing 149 homes as that is the highest # of homes they can build and only have ONE entrance. We, as a community are opposed to the added density on Pole Branch Road and Hwy 274 where we have a 3 year Pennies Project underway. Mill Creek has experienced past construction runoff and one again is being affected by major road construction. The cove is already inaccessible by boat and the added damage by a developer clear cutting trees and grading will create further detriment to the area. 

We love our area and would like to maintain the integrity of what is left in the way of green space and natural areas. Please help us by not allowing parcels of land to be rezoned for more homes on top of homes that are impacting our schools, roads, fire and medic service and quality of life in general. 

We appreciate your commitment to York County and count on your decisions to be those that are best for all citizens.

This petition is being sent to our representative Allison Love so that she may share our signatures with you at the appropriate time.  


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