Govt of India:Extend student visas & scholarship stipends of all Afghans studying in India

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I Have 7 Days Left

Dear Supporters, Thank you to all 20,000 people who have signed my petition. When I started this petition last week I did know how many people would relate to my struggle and want to support me. But I knew that this petition was the best chance I had of being heard by common citizens of India, the media and hopefully the authorities. Two out of these three things have already happened! THE LATESTYou must be wondering why this is titled “I have 7 Days Left”. It’s because my visa has still not been extended and today the Foreigners Registration Regional Office told me that I will have to leave India by 31st August. Which means I have 7 days to figure this out. As of now Delhi to Kabul flights are suspended but who knows when they may resume and then I will be forced to leave the safety of India to go back to my home country where everything is so uncertain. I am not alone. There are many Afghan students in the same boat. MEDIASince the Taliban takeover, I have been feeling very nervous and worried but your support is what is stopping me from giving up. Thanks to the public support for my petition, many people have been sharing it on social media. This made journalists notice my petition and show interest in this issue. They reached out to the team to connect them to me. The team has been helping me prepare for these media interviews and speak to the authorities. A RAY OF HOPEAll this media coverage led to another hopeful development. Someone who saw me on a panel discussion on Sunday 22nd August turned out to be connected to the Indian Council of Cultural Relations. She offered to help me. My case has been discussed at the top level and there may be a light at the end of this dark tunnel after all. I will keep campaigning until the visas of Afghan students and the scholarships are extended so that we can continue to stay legally in India, where we feel most safe right now. Later this week, I may go to the Ministry of External Affairs to appeal to them to #SupportAfghanStudents. WHAT YOU CAN DO NEXTThe next 7 days are crucial and I cannot do it without your support. Please help me get more signatures on my petition by asking your friends and family to sign. Kindly copy paste the message below and share it via WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram and all other channels. At a time when people were risking their lives by clinging on airplanes to flee the Taliban, young Afghans studying in Indian universities are being asked to go home when their visas expire in the next 7 days! We can’t let this happen. Sign so that their student visas and scholarships are extended.Thank youAli

Ali Haidari
10 months ago