Costco for North Bay Ontario

Costco for North Bay Ontario

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There has been a lot of conversation about a Costco in North Bay. Lets see what the community has to say. We can prove our support or lack of by providing this petition to the forces that will be. 

It is rumoured that we are too small of a community, that the population demographics and regional trading area of North Bay do not fit the criteria for Costco yet a community like Orillia with a population of 30,000 has one with another Costco less than 40 kilometers away. There is a reason we are called The Gateway to the North. Over and above our local and surrounding area population, we have two major provincial arteries that meet in our great city, we have so much potential to draw from this.

Please vote yes or no and provide a note based on your decision. Feel free to add your input, both Pro's and Con's are going to be helpful. It is also VERY important to note if you are a Costco membership subscriber so we can show strength in numbers.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Lets keep an open mind when doing so. Agreement or disagreement does not open up a platform for rudeness, bullying or accusations. This petition is NOT to point fingers at the City of North Bay, this is a FRESH approach to an ongoing subject that seems to be important to our community.

Below are some currently published statistics, opinions and facts based on a Costco store in general. 

Here are some positive impacts on a community from Costco.

*Employment: Each store employees over 200, therefore lowering the unemployment statistics.

*Wages: decent entry level pay to help relieve the necessity for recipients of social assistance.

*Job Security with full and part time Career Opportunities within the organization.

*Employee Perks and benefits: it is known that Costco is a fantastic corporation to work for.

*Property taxes e.g. a large parcel of developed land will bring a substantial amount of taxes to the community compared to a vacant lot.

*Potential Increase in local real estate value: upgrading our community, attracting new residents and raising family income levels all lead to home improvement, development and the desire for relocation.

*Traffic increase to North Bay from surrounding areas. Which can bring more patrons to support other local businesses.

*Enticing Future Development: Costco can attract other businesses and or industry. 

*Discounted Gas for card holders.

*Opportunity for restaurants and businesses to do their bulk shopping locally.

*Costco is committed to Community Charitable Activities.

*Places like Downtown and the Farmers Market may not be impacted negatively. These are destination shopping experiences which have their own loyal supporters. Nothing at Costco will directly compete with them. E.g. if you enjoy farm fresh produce, or hand made soap you will not be purchasing yours at Costco.  

The list can go on and on. Please help us to determine if our citizens will welcome a Costco into our community. 


**The information provided on this petition is not verified by Costco, the City of North Bay, Statistics Canada, or the province of Ontario. This is a strictly created by a local citizen for collection of community input.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!