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Girls need education

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I believe that girls should have the right to education. Over 60 million girls around the world don’t have right to education. There is no point that girls shouldn't t go to school? Girls are forced to stay at home and do chores. 70% of world poor are women. 40Million girls worldwide are forced to get married. Girls are forced to work as slaves to their master. 33 million fewer girls than boys are in primary school worldwide. This global issue should stop for I believe that girls should have the same right as boys particularly the right to education.

I have several reasons for thinking this my first, is that poverty is the biggest enemy of health in the developing country's . One of the country's that are not developed, is Cambodia, for this reason they don't have proper education especially girls. Next, in the developing country one out of 10 children rich their first birthday. because they don't have a lot food In addition poverty creates ill-health because it forces people to live in environments that make them sick without decent shelter, Clean water... If kids don't have heathy environment they will get sick and they won't t be able to go to school. Poverty create illiteracy leaving people poorly informed about health risk and forced into dangerous jobs that harm their health. This are the common situations happening around the world and thats why girls are not at school.

Another reason for thinking this, is that slavery is very hazardous labour that affect health of young kids. 80% of women are victims of Kamiary system all around the world. Its is harmful physical and mental development of the kids. One girl from the Nepal experienced how the kids of her master beaten her and caused damage on her body. Another reason is that children are separated from their families at a very young age. As a result they have to find a way to survive one of them is to sell her self as a slave to a rich person. Lastly 58% of children are working in agriculture from ages 5 to 17 years old.

to further support my point, Did you know? that kid’s get marriage are under 5-18 which is crazy! 37 thousand girls worldwide are forced to get married. Moms trade girls for land, money and goats. 15 million girls are married every year in Chad. 8 country's allow this, Nigeria, Central Africa, Chad, Mali,Bangladesh, South Sudan, Burkina Faso and Guineo . If present trend’s continue more then 140 million girls will be married. To further support my point girls who get married quickly get pregnant. This is an example of gender inequality. And the believe that girls are inferior to boys. My final point is that the poorest family's in developing country's believe that giving a daughter in marriage will reduce the family expensive. Some girls are solved to the groom as a solution to their family economic issues.

Girls shouldn't have to work, girls should have the same rights as boys.Now as you can see this issue should stop, we cant stop it if you don't help us. So help us let girls have the same rights as boys. Please sign this petition so we can support girls education.

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