Keep Ryley and Holden Schools OPEN

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On Thursday, January 23, 2020 the Battle River School Division Board of Trustees made a motion to consider relocation of Grades 10-12 from Ryley School, and consolidation of Holden and Ryley Schools into one school site, serving students in Kindergarten to Grade 9.

As parents of children attending these schools and members of the community, we are asking that both schools remain open as they presently are with Grades K-6 at Holden School and Grades 7-12 at Ryley School. 

The high school students are an important part of the economy and fabric of our communities. Many families rely on the older siblings for afterschool care and transportation as the villages are too small of offer those services. Moving the kids out of the community will limit not only their participation in local clubs/activities, but the participation of their siblings, at a time when every body counts. Our local businesses rely on the draw of local sports teams, clubs and activities to bring in business, and having the high school is a significant factor in encouraging families to settle here.  We feel that the activities we participate in locally play a huge part in encouraging our students to return home to raise their families and are an integral piece in community development.

The appeal of raising kids in the communities of Holden and Ryley are the safe and caring school environments fostered by teachers that are vested not only in the school but also the local community. These teachers have the advantage of following our kids from kindergarten to graduation and are in the best position to adjust to the unique learning styles of each child and their families. These are relationships that create a foundation for lifelong learning and community involvement that we risk losing with the proposed changes. 

Please consider signing this petition as a show of support for keeping our high school students, and our families, in our community.  Please SIGN and SHARE this petition and support our efforts to keep Ryley and Holden Schools open!