Shane Dawson and Squad - Properly Caption Your Videos!

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Dear YouTubers,  

My name is Kaidan. I am 18 years old. I am not Deaf, but I am an advocate for captions and better accessibility for Hard of Hearing and Deaf people everywhere. As I am hearing, I do not always understand the struggle of captions, but I do know sometimes they don’t work for me and they definitely don’t work for others. I am hoping this will help change captions on the internet, especially YouTube, and I am doing it with the help of my good friend, Laura.

My name is Laura. I am 24 years old, I am deaf, and wear a cochlear implant (a hearing device) on my right ear. Like many others, I enjoy watching content on YouTube, and supporting the YouTube community, but I am finding myself unable to enjoy your content because of YouTube’s auto-captioning. I rely on captioning on every video and find that with your videos, the "auto-captions" have not been helpful. The amount of information I miss is troublesome.

If you need more information about captioning or hearing loss or help on how to do this, feel free to email us, and let us know, as we would be honoured to do that. Please know that this petition is not coming out of hatred, but more love and support for a channel that can promote equality for all viewers. While we understand that it is expensive to have proper captioning on the channel, we’d like to raise awareness to “free” options, such as YouTube community captioning that is proven to be successful on Pewdiepie and Tyler Oakley’s channels. There have been many fans who have reached out to us who want to volunteer their time.


1. In Shane Dawson's Tanacon series, I could not hear anything Michael was saying because the autocaptions did not capture it and just stopped. If you see in this screenshots above- Shane said the line "hired private security at the handle the crowd" which firstly, I know is not what he said, and secondly, the captions stopped working, as you can see in the next screenshot with michael, it was not capturing any dialogue. This was happening all three videos.

2. Any video Shane Dawson has where there is a group of people all talking at once (usually his “squad”), I find that I miss a lot of the dialogue, especially Garrett`s because he has a naturally high pitched voice. (Not his fault, but I do miss it).

3. Any video you have where a YouTuber speaks on a telephone, Facetime or Skype on camera- the autocaption will not capture the person`s dialogue on the device, which makes it harder to understand and hear.

3. If you check Colleen Ballinger`s video, towards the end she explains how messed up google auto captioning is and why we shouldn’t rely on this. (Link: )


REV is a captioning and transcription and translating service that has reached out to us personally and would like to provide free service for YouTubers in need of captioning for their channel, specifically Shane Dawson`s. Check out more information on to see how you could improve or get sponsorship on your channel.