Make Corio Moderator On The LGBT+ Youth Discord Srerver

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Corio is a pillar of the LGBT+ Youth Discord server community. His work, initiatives, and support for community members have made him an integral part of the LGBT+ Youth Server. Today, he asks you all, to support his campaign for trail-moderator on the LGBT+ Youth Server. Once our petition succeeds, he won't just unlock the gates of this server; he will unshackle all of the LGBTQA Discord community from an era marked with suspicion of one another and right-wing divisiveness. He will be the first moderator, of a racial minority group within his country, on the LGBT+ Youth server. The world has come a long way in terms of how we judge others, but its time to show everyone who we are. It is time for a real change; it is time for us to break through into new grounds we have never walked before. It is time for Corio, and for this server to bask in the glory of his moderation. 


Coriolanus promises to ensure the following outcomes if he is given the privilege and the honor to serve as a trail moderator. 

  • Ensuring that no rules are breached, and an appropriate penal code is followed for those that breach the rules that are here for the collective good of this community. For too long have moderators ignored breaches in the rule system 
  • Reviving #debate-politics-news. This channel is single-handedly the most inactive channel on the server. Part of the reason for this could be the direct result of ignored alt-right trolls that pretend to be part of the LGBTQA+ community to further their conservative agenda into the minds of innocent, educated, and sane souls. 
  • Acting as a liaison between the administration team and the broader discord community. The LGBT+ Youth server has never really made a connection with its members, with its community but Coriolanus will change that in both the voice and text channels. He will build bridges and not walls, he will erect a climate of acceptance and not fear, and suspicion. He will not let us be afraid of each other. 


We can all agree it has been a very long campaign. Here are a few things you should think about before deciding whether or not to support this campaign. 

Firstly, you are not petitioning for CoriolanusSnow to be a moderater; you are deciding what kind of server you want LGBT+ Youth to be for present and future generations down the road. Is LGBT+ Youth full of alt-right trolls and ignorant of the breaking of rules, or is the server hopeful and inclusive? The core values of the sever admisntartion team, in regards to the decision to whether CoriolanusSnow should be a moderator, are being tested with this petition. 

Secondly, if you are troubled by the fact that the LGBT+ Youth discord sever has become a breeding ground for trolls, make no mistake, Corio plans to end this once and for all. No longer, under his moderation, will the trolls from the ignorant hordes of far-right conservatives that rely upon pseudoscience and superficial desires, gain any form of control over this server and its political narratives. Tyler and the administration team have created this wonderful place, but they have been complacent with people here to spread their far right-wing tyrannical ideologies. We pride ourselves on being a tolerant community, to left-wing and accepting narratives, not to hate, and fear or division. So every time someone supports this campaign, what they are really doing, is asking Tyler to help Corio help him make real change. 

Lastly, he will work his hard-out to make the server better for you and your friends. You can count on the fact that he'll never quit until he gets it right. Until the job is done, Corio will fight to fix the issues that plague this server, and ensure that the server is kept in a positive state. For too long have we been played for fools by narcissistic gay men and alt-right trolls, but no longer will we sit and be complacent with the antics and toxic behavior that plague this server. 

If you would like change and if you would like to help Tyler and this server, support this cause. The Corio Campaign for Moderator is for our collective good and is in our individual interests. Yes, he can. 

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