Ryerson University Fall 2020 Tuition

Ryerson University Fall 2020 Tuition

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Dear Ryerson University,

With the announcement from President Mohamed Lachemi that the majority of Fall 2020 courses will be online, and the subsequent announcements from various faculties; tuition for the Fall 2020 semester shall be reduced by at least 50%.

Online learning is not and will never be the same as in-person; this cannot be debated. This was evident after having to complete the Winter 2020 semester online. Students pursue post-secondary education to prepare themselves to better invest in the economy that surrounds them. Online schooling veers from learning towards graduating, but with significantly less competence. To mitigate the effect of online learning, students must naturally invest more time to offset the losses, which comes at a cost. This cost shall be offset by Ryerson University acknowledging the effects of their decisions, in particular, deciding to continue with Fall 2020 online, by proportionally reducing the tuition by at least 50%. The reasons are as follows:

  • As acknowledged by the Government of Canada, employment opportunities are limited for students during these unprecedented times;
  • Students are not required to have access to a computing device; this will present an enormous cost for students as a reasonable computer can easily cost $1,000+ CAD, and depending on the program, could easily exceed that amount;
  • Students are not required to have access to internet, which is another significant monthly cost (it is also worth noting that the internet connection is not the most reliable or safe);
  • It is impossible to maintain the same quality of teaching; for example, laboratory experiments will be held/conducted online, meaning that there is zero hands-on experience to be gained;
  • Content on D2L has been summaries of the compulsory/recommended textbooks for the courses; it is cheaper to buy the hardcopy than to pay 3+ times more for the summaries;
  • The University will have a minimalistic operating cost, for example there will be almost no water or electricity consumption, resulting in much lower maintenance cost, etc.

The list is extensive, and thus only a few points were made. It is worth noting that the “2019-20 APPROVED BUDGET**” included “Tuition Fees excluding Continuing Education – pre COVID-19” totalling $283,353,000 CAD*. If the Fall 2020 tuition were to be reduced by 50%, this can be approximated to total 25% of the total tuition fees from 2019-20, which is equivalent to $70,838,250 CAD. With minimalistic operating costs and other necessary changes, the University can surely save $70,000,000 CAD and pass those savings over to the students, which will only benefit the country as a whole. Students are the future.

Everyone has been impacted by COVID-19, which is why providing only certain students grants based on biased decision making is not fair. All students have been affected, and therefore all students shall be treated equally, which is why the Fall 2020 tuition shall be reduced by at least 50% for all students.

Best Regards,

Ryerson University Students


* Ryerson University, B. (2020, April). 2020-21 Preliminary Budget Priorities and Expenditures. Retrieved June 12, 2020, from https://www.ryerson.ca/content/dam/financial services/reporting/docs/2020-2021-budget-priorities-and-expenditures.pdf

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