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Reform Meal Plans at Ryerson

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Students at Ryerson University are being forced to participate in mandatory meal plans worth thousands of dollars. Unlike many other Ontario Universities, Ryerson does NOT allow the unused balances to carry over to the following year, resulting in thousands of dollars going unspent on students meal plans on their one card. With the lack of cafeteria's and food services on campus and unconventional hours (i.e. Only ILLC is the only meal plan option open on the weekends) it is next to impossible to happily use all of the $3000 forced on your OneCard by April. Instead they collect it for themselves. We want the faculty of Ryerson University to respect and give way to a student's right of choice, and that; that choice not be made under duress and intimidation masked through policies. Students should not be forced into meal plans that they can’t afford and should be always be refunded any unused plans at the end of the school year or have it carry on through the years you attend the University.

This is a calling to all current undergraduate (and graduated) students of Ryerson University and members of the community. Our RIGHT to choose has been denied and your money taken by Ryerson. Join me in Petitioning Ryerson University to protect students from these hidden scams and restore our student's right to freedom of CHOICE!


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