Offering BCH361 during spring/summer 2019 at Ryerson

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Many students enrol in BCH361 (Advanced Biochemistry I) every fall term and many unfortunately do not pass or do not receive the mark they endeavoured to obtain. With the course only being offered once a year, the many students whom do not pass or who wish to take the course again must wait one full year, pushing them back in their studies (in addition to being unable to enrol in future courses that require BCH361 as a prerequisite since it is a required course). As a result, some students whom wish to graduate may not be able to do so on time simply due to one lecture/course credit, delaying their post-secondary preparations. 

By signing this petition, you are standing for the cause to have Ryerson University offer BCH361 in the spring/summer 2019 term so that students may either catch-up or fast-track (and so some students can be able to graduate on time!)