Discrimination on Ryerson University's Campus

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Discrimination on Ryerson University's Campus

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The Ryerson University community is proudly diverse. With over 146 countries represented on campus, each day we are engaging with and learning from people with a mosaic of different faith, cultural and social backgrounds.

However, recent events have us questioning the safety and equitable nature of our campus. There was a vandalized poster brought to our attention by a member of the MSA, found in the multi-faith area last week, and again this week, vandals have spread hatred towards Jewish members of our community. During RSU elections last February, similar messages of violence and discrimination towards Muslims were scrawled on posters. These are just two instances of many. 

These actions are unacceptable.  Any and all forms of hatred toward any group will not be tolerated on a campus as diverse at Ryerson’s. The university's Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct has clear provisions stating students shall not: "engage in activity that violates the Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy based on the grounds specified by the Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy (race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, record of offences, marital status, family status, disability)


"engage in conduct which, although not based on the grounds specified by the Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy, is abusive, demeaning, threatening, or intimidating, or involves the misuse of authority or power."

However, this goes much deeper than a code of conduct. This is a societal issue that shows we as a community must work together toward being truly inclusive and creating safe(r) spaces. By signing this, you are making  a statement of solidarity with students, staff, faculty and other community members who have been affected by incidents of hatred, violence and discrimination. 

This is also a call to the administration of Ryerson University, as they must take proactive steps to help curb these issues. We cannot wait around for another incident like this to occur. We, as a community, need to stand together and show these ignorant perpetrators that this will not be accepted. There should be clear consequences for these peoples' actions and we need Ryerson Security and administration to legally pursue these individuals and hold them accountable.   

Your signature is just one small step. But with it, we can show we are a united front dedicated to ending this type of discrimination. No student or community member should have to face this sort of hatred in their place of learning, and as a community we should actively work to create more inclusive and safer spaces for each other.

The Ryerson Students' Union is committed to creating safer and accessible spaces. If you have a suggestion, idea, or need somebody to talk to, contact Rabia Idrees at vp.equity@rsuonline.ca

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