Create a pass/fail option for Fall 2020 @ Ryerson U

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This semester's been tough for a lot of us. We HAVE to demand Rye to give us a pass/fail option this semester as well.

The transition of classes to being online has made the semester more difficult for a lot of people. Professors have made tests and assignment harder in order to mitigate against cheaters. This consists of making online tests shorter in length than they would in an in-class setting, or being more harsh when marking. Some profs have abandoned students by being unresponsive or lack of help or not uploading lectures. Not all of us have solid sound privacy, stable internets or just generally ideal environments for learning at home. With how fast things have changed for so many of us, not all of us have had an equitable shot at doing our best this semester which is why we need a P/F option.

An important statistic to consider is that Columbia University Community College Research Cente discover students were 12% more likely to drop online classes than original ones and the drop out rate rose from 26% to 34% when classes were online as compared to in-person ones.