I Support a New RCSD Bond!

I Support a New RCSD Bond!

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Concerned Parent started this petition to Rye City School Board

The undersigned voice their support for the RCSD Board of Education to: (1) resubmit a new Bond proposal at their April 9, 2019 meeting and (2) only narrowly pare educational elements from the budget.

It is apparent to us that:

1) The vast majority of the original Bond was for necessary infrastructure work;

  • When asked to “trim the fat,” the only structural/infrastructure work the Superintendent felt he could cut was A/C for locker rooms;
  • We take the Superintendent at his word and believe the infrastructure work included is already at the bare minimum;

2) Consequently, the bulk of the $5-6 million cuts the Board preliminarily voted to
accept on 4-2-19 relate to needed educational improvements, including:

  • Significantly, reducing the budget to craft modern education spaces
    related to:
     - Elementary school libraries
    - Art & Engineering facilities
    - Collaborative Innovation Labs
  • Shrinking the square footage of the trailer replacements at the elementary schools from 6,000 to 5,000 sq. ft.

While we respect the Board’s desire to shrink the project costs in reaction to the prior No vote, we believe that in an attempt to make “meaningful” cuts, the Board has slashed too deep on basic educational facility improvements because the infrastructure work is simply required. We also note that each item listed above are areas that must be renovated anyway due to infrastructure issues, and it is simply inefficient and a missed opportunity to not spend a little more to create modern educational spaces, rather than merely functional spaces.

While it is apparent that some modest cuts can be made, we would encourage the
Board to re-evaluate its decisions related to the educational facilities listed above and either restore them or make more modest reductions in each.

In summary, we believe the Board and the Superintendent did their jobs the first time around by presenting an already lean Bond proposal and that better education and awareness of this fact will lead to a different result on a second Bond.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!