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Significant Improvements in Pedestrian Safety at Purdy/Purchase/Theo Fremd in Rye

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There is a growing concern for the pedestrian safety situation in town- specifically, at the corner of Purdy and Purchase streets. This is a heavily trafficked intersection, both
with cars and pedestrians coming from Purchase, Purdy and Theodore Fremd

This is a crisis waiting to happen. Drivers are more focused on oncoming traffic,
especially due to the uneven nature of the intersection itself, and much less
attuned to the pedestrians crossing. Many drivers are unaware that even when they have a green light, the pedestrians waiting in the crosswalk continue to have the right of way. 

As a pedestrian, there is no clear point at which it is safe to cross the
street. Pedestrians are often trying to study the light pattern, but it is hard for people on the corner of the streets to see if the light is green or red. Often times, cars drive right through, as pedestrians wait patiently on the crosswalk.

We desperately need a pedestrian crossing signal at this intersection. We are requesting a  5 to 10 second  pedestrian walk signal
where every light in this intersection is red. This allows children to walk
freely, cross in either direction, without the fear that a car is going to
turn into the crosswalk and hit them. This is necessary to ensure the safety
of our children. A crossing guard at periodic times of the day will not solve the issue that presents itself all day long. 

This issue needs to be addressed immediately, regardless of other traffic improvements  that are being considered by the Council for long range planning.  Linking this with broader, costlier improvements will only delay the process of safeguarding our community. 


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