Direct Flights between Sardinia & Malta

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Amongst all foreign individuals which are currently populating this tiny and beautiful island (which is Malta, cause.. you know, Sardinia is much bigger and basically less populated), there are a lot (and the number is always increasing) of Sardinian people.
Even if the two islands are very close (circa 700km!) there are no direct flights between the two of them.

Should you be planning your visit to Sardinia or to Malta, be prepared to pay around 300 euro with Alitalia or to check all the possible and tricky connection with Ryanair. Also, be prepared to spend at least one day trying to reach the destination, since you are going to catch two flights, and you will be probably waiting 4h between them.

Help us to visit more Sardinia and Malta! Help us to build a strong connection between this two beautiful places! Help tourism and - mostly - help us to eat more 'procceddu arrostiu' and 'fenek ta Malta'!

In few words: Airlines! Please put a direct flight between Sardinia and Malta!

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