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Stop Ryanair and other low cost airlines charging excessive fees

The fees for a service must be reasonable under section 15 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. Many low cost airlines, but Ryanair in particular, charge excessive fees such as £70 for not checking in online, or £60 for hand luggage being a matter of centimetres too big whilst still allowing it on the plane as hand luggage.

Like bank charges, it is clear that the amounts charged are not a fair reflection of their costs and therefore are punitive charges that should be illegal.

The charges of Ryanair are well above that of other lower costs airlines, evidence they are not a reflection of their costs and therefore contrary to the Sale of Goods Act 1982.

Please sign this petition if you believe Ryanair and other airlines are treating their customers shabbily in this respect and that they should be forced to reduce these excessive fees.

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