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Dead Man’s Bones released their album on 6th October 2009. It was original meant to be a stage-musical but due to budget, they decided to make an album instead. They toured the USA and they were never heard of again. In a 15on15 interview in September 2010, they said that they would be recording new music in January 2011. My question is, where is it? I know there might be reasons why they stopped making music and that’s fine but at least give the fans an idea if you’re still planning on making new music. Dead Man’s Bones has been enjoyed by so many people, myself included, and I would love to have an opportunity to see them live. I’ve listened to the album non-stop for a while now and I think all Dead Man’s Bones fans would love new music. So please share this to help spread the love for Dead Man’s Bones so that we can hopefully get new music.