Ban Grace Randolph from attending cons or claiming to be a comic book fan.

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Ryan Reynolds worked hard to get us an R-rated Deadpool. Now youtuber Grace Randolph is trolling all of comic book fandom, attempting to push it back to pg-13. This is an obvious troll, as there is no way that she could have not known how insulting this move is. She is actively advocating for something that she KNOWS her fan base does not want in an attempt to taunt the very viewers who support her with their clicks and eyeballs through ad revenue into angrily giving her more revenue. This is disrespecting your fanbase. This will not stand.

We the comic book fans of the world are not amused. This is not acceptable. This is clearly a TOURIST, here to cynically take our money while only faking love of the medium. We sign in solidarity of the following pledge:

1. We will not subscribe or will unsubscribe to Grace Randolph's social media. All of it.
2. We will not purchase any comic book product that bears Grace Randolph's name as an artistic collaborator.
3. If we are a comic-con organizer, we will not include Grace Randolph in our events in any paid capacity, in any way.
4. We will (within the bounds of civil discourse and without being intimidating or yelling) scold Grace Randolph should we encounter her on the floor of a comic con for this garbage that she is pulling. The creators of this petition suggest the phrase "Grace, Deadpool should be an R-Rated character. Shame on you for creating a fake controversy to drum up ad revenue while seriously hurting our ability to get a real version of the character on screen. You should probably go home, as you are not welcome here among the fandom."

Shame on you, Grace. Shame on you.


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