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To release the deleted Faberry scenes.

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We are petitioning for the public release of the deleted scenes of Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry that were used in promos.

As fans, we were captivated from the beginning by the complex relationship between these two characters who, on the surface, appeared to be opposites, but upon closer inspection, were actually revealed to be very similar. Over a period of four years, we were lucky enough to witness Rachel and Quinn gradually move from adversaries, to reluctant teammates, to “kind of” friends who were supportive of one another in unexpected moments. Quinn Fabray believed that Rachel Berry didn’t belong in Lima, that she had an amazing life ahead of her, and told her as much despite their initial rivalry. Rachel Berry believed that Quinn Fabray was a lot more than a pretty face, that she was better than the image she projected, and sought Quinn out in her lowest moments to extend a hand in friendship. These are the moments that brought our fandom together and made us believe that Rachel and Quinn are capable of both seeing and inspiring the best in one another. Rachel and Quinn may no longer share scenes together due to the progression of the story into the college environment, but we, the fans, will continue to share our love for them and our belief in the wonderful relationship that they built.

We are grateful for the characters and the scenes they’ve shared, and we understand that not every scene can be included in the final cut of the episode due to time restraints. We are kindly requesting that the following deleted scenes be released now for the fans to enjoy.


A list of the scenes: 

1x03: Santana and Quinn being playful during the car wash with Rachel and Finn watching from the other side. 

1x15: Rachel and Quinn hugging at the end of the Express Yourself performance.

2x16: Rachel and Quinn composing a song and talking about the nose job and Finn.

2x22: Rachel and Quinn arguing over the order of their last names with Kurt.

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