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                                     RE: Public Hearing 4/12/18

                   Local Law 1 of 2007 ~ Ethics and Disclosure Law.

  1. The original Town Law, Adopted by Town Board Public Vote, MUST remain intact without any changes. This law was created specifically for Montgomery. The ultimate goal, an ETHICS and DISCLOSURE LAW free from any and all compromising circumstances of corruption, unfair and inferior practices. I set my name below endorse that OUR original Ethics and Disclosure Law, Local Law 1 of 2007, remain: unchanged, intact and un-weakened by human frailty and moral failure.  The 2007 ETHICS & DISCLOSURE LAW must remain iron clad as is.
  2. Additionally: After 5 years of the Ethics Board's deliberate demise, all disclosure statements from the past 5 years should be independently reviewed for accuracy and legal standing. Any disclosure statement found to be invalid or inaccurate for any reason should be thoroughly investigated for potential conflicts of interest in Town affairs and business.
  3. Additionally: In light of recent disturbing revelations in news papers and various town board meetings. All Town board members should volunteer their last 5 years of tax returns to put the public's mind at ease.

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