Keep Choir Available at Rockvale Elementary

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Countless children have benefited from the enriching experiences of choir, musicals, and honor choir at Rockvale Elementary over the years. Our kids learn about music, self-discipline, teamwork, and art through these programs, and it would be terrible if they were to be discontinued.

Recently it was announced that the school would no longer dedicate classroom space to Rockvale's choir program, due to increased population in the school. While many other programs have been allocated space in portable classrooms, the music program is being reduced to a push-cart, to be wheeled around the school, and the majority of the musical equipment would be consigned to storage (doesn't fit on the cart).

We, the parents of Rockvale Elementary's students, are petitioning the school board to save the music program from this ignominy. Music is an essential part of our humanity, and thus of our education. Please provide adequate facilities so that our children can experience the joy of learning music in dedicated space!