Oppose Yonkers Hotel Proposal at Broadway Diner Site

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"Today a Holiday Inn Express, tomorrow a drug-infested Super 8 Hotel"

A hotel at this location poses risks of attracting a clientele that would impact the safety and quality of life in the neighborhood and the value of our property that we worked so hard for. Concerned neighborhood residents should sign this petition and attend a public planning meeting  TBD to oppose any variance requested.  There is power in numbers.


Because the credibility of the benefit of a hotel  is questionable (1) at  this location and  (2) under the current ownership, and (3) the variances requested are not to the benefit of the neighborhood residents. 

1. The area around this location is dilapidated. The single other neighborhood hotel in the area is the Van Cortland Motel .7 miles south, a seedy run-down hotel. It is questionable whether there is demand for a trendy tourist hotel on South Broadway.  

Despite any good intentions expressed -a hotel on this part of Broadway presents the legitimate possibility of an establishment that can attract criminal elements and criminal behavior. The best intentions at the inception of this project and all the hand wringing and additional police activity post facto, will not eradicate the problem once it is born. The best solution, in this case, is prevention.

2. Credibility of the owner to pull off the construction and operation of an upstanding hotel is questionable.

Owner (G. Khan) of the Broadway Diner / American Dream Banquet Hall at 590/602 S Broadway, who has submitted plans for hotel use at the site has no hotel development and management experience and has filed bankruptcy due to  an $837,000 federal fine that was assessed last year for paying workers less than they had earned. 

See https://westfaironline.com/102442/yonkers-and-hawthorne-diners-cite-federal-fine-as-cause

At a community meeting 7/17/18 Mr. Khan stated that he may partner with a Mr. Patel who owns 18 hotels.  However, no profile of those hotels were shared and Mr. Patel was not present to give reassurance of past positive hotel experience. 

 Mr. Khan stated that he is proposing a 5 star hotel, a Holiday Inn Express which he later recanted.   With no history given of owners' success in constructing and operating upstanding hotels, residents question whether the hotel would turn into a magnet for vice as the neighborhood is dilapidated and provides no  reason for regular tourists or friends and family of neighborhood residents to come.  "Today a Holiday Inn Express, tomorrow a drug-infested Super 8 Hotel"

3. The Variances requested are damaging to area residents      

-        Insufficient parking, Section 43-128, Table 43-4, (Required 44 spaces ; PROPOSED 34 SPACES).

 We oppose this request. We are already inundated with nonresidents parking all through the neighborhood. A deficiency of 10 parking spaces will exacerbate this seemingly intractable problem. Indeed, the presence of a hotel on Broadway will, even built with the correct number of parking spaces will make the current resident’s dearth of parking spots more acute.

-        Parking spaces may not be located within ten feet of a City right of way of any road.  Section 43-134. A.(4). (PROPOSED 4 FT. +/-)

 We oppose this request. Parking setback from sidewalk is important on a busy road like Broadway.  Both adults and minors should have full area to stand away from the road.  Spillover from cars seeking to park or line up relative to proposed hotel is inevitable. Improper setbacks will increase the likelihood of car and pedestrian accidents. Residents will be physically endangered in exchange for a variance.

Finally, we oppose the following 2 variance requests

-        Open air parking within five feet of a property line is not permitted, Section 43-44.B.(5).(PROPOSED ZERO FT.). 

-        Open air parking at least ten feet below the lowest non-parking floor, may not be closer than five feet to the building. Section 43-44.B.(5). (PROPOSED ZERO FT.).


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