More Halal on-campus eating options for Rutgers Muslims

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      Rutgers is in dire need of on-campus halal food options for its Muslim students and staff. The student centers and other on-campus restaurants offer little to no halal-certified meals. Douglass Campus Center, for example, doesn’t offer halal meals. For the Muslim staff that work at DCC, working all day without having proper meals can be extremely exhausting. This does not only greatly influence their health if they work the majority of the day and eat there, but also has a tremendous impact on the Rutgers community as a whole. Muslim students that also go to the student center don’t have many options for hot meals (vegetarian or seafood meal if available or fries).
      On-campus restaurants, such as King Pita Palace, do offer halal meals to students, but one limitation is that students are not able to use their meal swipes (They can use their RU express or their personal credit/debit cards). Most Muslim students that live on-campus are required to purchase meal plans and therefore have limited options regarding where they can use those meals. Asking Muslim students to place fiscal funds into their RU express accounts to simply have access to more halal options is clearly a burden on them, given how much they are already paying to attend college (even more so for Muslim students of low-income status).
     Rutgers must take an initiative when it comes to this issue and provide an inclusive and healthy space for all of its students to thrive and feel at home. The first proposal is to provide halal options at Douglass Student Center to help out the Muslims that work there. The next step would be to allow the use of Meal swipes at King Palace, in order to provide Rutgers Muslim students with halal meals (Since one meal swipe is equivalent to $9, one swipe at King palace mustn't exceed that amount); students may also have the option of swiping twice if their meal amount exceeds that of one swipe. The last and most prominent step is to spread this campaign across all campuses to provide RU Muslims with halal options at ALL of the dining halls and student centers.

I urge everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim, to sign this petition and raise a voice for your fellow Scarlet Knights.


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