Katzenbach Crosswalk Relocation

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Greetings Douglass Residents,

We hope you are all enjoying the new season just as much as we are. We are writing to you today to discuss a very important public safety issue on the Cook and Douglass campus. The Katzenbach bus stop, located across the street from Katzenbach Residence Hall on Ryders Lane, is one of very few bus stops on Cook/Douglass. Because of its proximity to Katzenbach and Neilson Dining Hall, the stop is used by hundreds of people on any given day. Unfortunately, the walkway connecting the bus stop to Katzenbach is located in an area that makes visibility dangerously low for oncoming cars. Because the bus is often obstructing the view, drivers often fail to slow as pedestrians are exiting the bus and moving towards the path to Neilson and Kaatzenbach.

Within this academic year, there have been a handful of reported incidents involving vehicles hitting students trying to cross the road. In an effort to keep our home and neighborhood safe, we are asking to have the stop moved back a few hundred yards where visibility is greater for oncoming vehicles. We ask that you sign the petition located (at the link that will go here) to make it clear to University officials and the City of New Brunswick that we will not jeopardize our safety any longer.

Yours in studies and safety,

Katzenbach Residence Hall Association

2016-2017 Executive Board


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