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Do not force the AADC to become a regular chartered Alumni organization.

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Douglass has always emphasized the importance of educating and molding, smart, strong, independent women who have gone on to be successful in every pathway of life. The Associate Alumnae of Douglass College (AADC) has been instrumental to that success. Forcing the AADC to become a regular chartered alumni organization would require the AADC to stop all fundraising. This would a be a terrible loss for Douglass. The AADC has raised millions of dollars to support Douglass programs, to provide needed scholarships, and to provide access to needed resources. The loss of the AADC's support would result in a loss for women's education. Now, more than ever, we must come together to support the AADC, just as it has always supported the advancement of Douglass, Douglass students, Douglass Alumnae and women's education over all. 

The AADC's email is below. Please sign this petition to show your support, and as the AADC asks at the bottom of their message, please also make your opinion known by sending e-mails to Rutgers University President Barchi at, Dean Litt at and the Board of Governors at You can also call the Dean's Office at 848-932-8949. Let them all know that this assault on the AADC must cease and desist; we will not stand for it.


An Important Message from your Alumnae Association:

Dear Douglass alumnae and friends:

          By now, you have all received a message from Douglass Dean Jacquelyn Litt regarding the future of the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College (AADC).  Earlier that day, we had attended a meeting on behalf of the AADC with representatives of the Rutgers University Foundation (RUF), the Rutgers University Alumni Association (RUAA) and Rutgers University legal counsel. To our shock and disappointment, we were informed that the University and Dean Litt were instituting a set of changes which will have the effect of discrediting the AADC and terminating the role of the AADC as the primary fundraiser for Douglass Residential College and the organization that serves Douglass alumnae.

          Make no mistake: We view these actions as a continuation of the assault a decade ago that almost eliminated Douglass. In 2006, the AADC fought valiantly to save Douglass from elimination and, thanks to the support of the college, the former dean, and our alumnae, we succeeded.

          Now the same forces that wanted to eradicate Douglass back then are at it again. On April 20, after the close of business, Rutgers issued an ultimatum to the AADC that either we become a regular chartered alumni organization or they will terminate all services provided to us. Becoming a chartered organization now would require the AADC to cease all fundraising - even for our own expenses as an organization - and to stop running events and programs for students and alumnae.

          The University has given us 30 days to agree to this directive or we will lose all services that Rutgers currently provides under a 2005 Memorandum of Agreement that is an agreement signed by all parties. The University has already taken steps to cease our access to critical shared information, as well as alumnae and donor records that reside on Rutgers-owned servers.

          Notably, Rutgers waited until the AADC completed our Capital Campaign, which raised almost $42 million for Douglass, to initiate this effort to curtail our current operations. For many years, the AADC has been an exceptionally successful organization with a strong relationship with alumnae and Douglass. Our 90 years of creating a legacy and building loyal alumnae ties cannot be matched by other units at Rutgers. The success of our Capital Campaign demonstrates the value and impact of the AADC.

           We have worked tirelessly to support the education of strong and brilliant women, many of whom have gone on to be statewide and national leaders. And our commitment to this cause has never wavered. Last year the AADC funded 43% of the programmatic operating budget for Douglass. This year, contributions by alumnae and friends through the AADC resulted in $900,000 in scholarships for Douglass students. Thanks to our efforts, the new Global Village Living-Learning Residence Hall on the Jameson campus, the first new building at Douglass for more than 40 years, is now scheduled to begin construction in the coming months.

         This attack on women's education and women cannot be allowed to stand. Please be assured that we will fight just as hard to protect our students and alumnae today as we did to save Douglass a decade ago.

           We all chose Douglass for a reason: For its emphasis on educating strong women, for its leadership programs, for the sisterhood that exists among its students and alumnae. We are proud to call ourselves Douglass alumnae and to be a member of the outstanding Associate Alumnae of Douglass College. Now, the University is putting all of that - and the very existence of Douglass - at great risk.

           Please make your opinion known by sending e-mails to Rutgers University President Barchi at, Dean Litt at and the Board of Governors at You may call the Dean's Office at 848-932-8949. Tell them that this assault on the AADC must cease and desist. 

          By working together, we have saved Douglass and enabled it to continue as a shining beacon of women's education, both in New Jersey and across the nation. Together, we must ensure that the AADC will continue its important mission of making Douglass better than ever. After all, if there is no AADC, do you really believe there will still be a Douglass in the future?


Jeanne M. Fox '75

President, Board of Directors 


Valerie L. Anderson '81

Executive Director


**This petition has been organized by alumnae of Douglass College who are deeply concerned for the future of the college they all hold near and dear to their hearts, and to which they credit much of their success.

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