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More and more people are begining to go on gluten-free diets.  Most people do it from choice.  Others are actually allergic to gluten, so they cant have it.  For me, I have a rare liver disease called Sclerosing Cholangitis.  Because of the disease i am on a very strict diet which has now become very hard to maintain.  The main focus of my diet is to refrain from products containing gluten.  The dining halls at Rutgers dont provide any selection of bread that is certified gluten-free, so it's extremely hard to find satisfying meals on a day to day basis.   Please help pass this petition, it would be phenominal to see that we can make a difference.  Thank You!

Letter to
Rutgers University Dining Halls
Students all around campus are faced with the scarcity of gluten-free products at the dining halls. Adding a choice of gluten-free bread would expand the possibilities of meals for students with gluten intolerance or students on gluten free diets.

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