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Repeal of decision to deregister students from clinical sections

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On December 14, 2017 Rutgers-Camden's School of Nursing opened registration for Spring 2018 clinical sections. Allegedly, a "glitch" occurred, preventing some students from scheduling. Despite this glitch, the majority of students were able to register as planned. Having finalized their schedules for the spring semester, students began confirming work, volunteer, externship, and personal opportunities or events. 

On December 15, 2017 at roughly 4PM, Clinical Operations emailed students notifying them that they would be dropped and deregistered from scheduled clinical sections due to the "glitch" that created "unfairness" for students who did not get their most desired section. All students would have to re-register for clinicals. This, Clinical Operations stated, would take place on Sunday, December 17th at 8AM, giving students under 40 hours to rearrange their schedules to be available to register. 

Clinical Operations, unfortunately, did not take into account...

  • The amount of students who will be at work on Sunday at 8AM (at healthcare agencies where we are not permitted to utilize cell phones or computers for personal reasons unless we wish to be fired)
  • The "unfairness" that occurred while registering for previous semesters that was never addressed 
  • The possibility that students' had already begun planning around their newly confirmed clinical schedule
  • The opinion of students regarding this situation on whether or not to "re-do" clinical registration

Given the aforementioned information, we, the students of Rutgers University-Camden's School of Nursing, negate and repeal the decision of Clinical Operations to deregister students from their clinical sections selected on December 14, 2017. We suggest the School of Nursing address the complaints and needs of students negatively impacted by issues of registration independently without involving any other students.

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