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Do not honor Condoleezza Rice with a "Doctor of Laws" degree!

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As a member of the Rutgers College Class of 1991 (That's me as a RU student in the photo.), I was shocked to learn that my alma mater plans to honor Condoleezza Rice with a "Doctor of Laws" degree.  This member of the George W. Bush Administration used lies to rush our nation into an unjust, costly war that killed hundreds of thousands people.  She also used twisted legal arguments to justify torture and other “cruel and unusual punishment" banned by the U.S. Constitution.  How can Rutgers honor this individual who flaunted the highest law of the land with an honorary law degree?  Please urge Rutgers President Barchi, the Rutgers Board of Trustees, and the Rutgers Board of Governors to withdraw this shameful offer.

I love Rutgers and do not want to see it make this awful mistake!  During my four years as a Political Science major at RU, I learned about the U.S. Constitution, human rights, and international law.  My education there formed the foundation for my further academic and professional success, and I went on to earn a Ph.D. at CUNY Graduate Center by writing a dissertation on human rights advocacy in El Salvador.

Condoleezza Rice's tenure as National Security Adviser and Secretary of State demonstrated contempt for these values and damaged our nation’s image around the world.  Sadly, Rutgers now endangers its own reputation by celebrating Ms. Rice’s lies and her support of torture.  Please tell the President Barchi, the Rutgers University Board of Governors, and the Rutgers University Board of Trustees that it is not too late to correct this terrible mistake!

If Rutgers goes through with the plans to honor Ms. Rice, it will tell other government officials that they can feel free to follow her example.  They can make up any excuse they want to start a war and send our soldiers into danger.  They can support this excuse with false information obtained through torture.  And they can feel comfortably safe—above the law.  It will also dishonor Rutgers University's mission as an institution promoting the search for truth and knowledge.

Please sign this petition before the next Board of Trustees meeting on March 13, 2014 and the next Board of Governors meeting on April 1, 2014.  It would be very helpful if you would identify any affiliation you have with Rutgers (student, faculty, alumni, parent, etc.)


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