Demand Rutgers to Rename Buildings Honoring Slave Owners

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In the recent publications of Scarlet and Black, Rutgers has been challenged to use its history to strengthen the institution and direct its course in the future. We believe that in order for Rutgers to continue as a robust, renowned, and respected institution it is imperative to appropriately highlight those who have contributed to our University's greatness.

Rutgers isn’t just an institution. It is a place where a diverse population of people work, learn and grow. Our motto, Sol Iustitiae et Occidentem Illustra, translates to “Sun of righteousness, shine upon the West also.” This calls for academia to shine equally in the West, but this spirit of equality must extend to the treatment of all people within the institution as well. In today's New World, we respect our history while striving to be a just, inclusive, and safe campus. This means not forcing students to live and learn in spaces named after those who opposed their very existence, let alone their education.

We demand Rutgers to rename Hardenbergh Hall, Frelinghuysen Hall, and Milledoler Hall after diverse pillars of the Rutgers Community.