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Every year, Rustenburg like other towns and cities in South Africa is plagued by the illegal sale and use of fireworks, especially over the festive season.

Many of our residents suffer epileptic seizures, which are exacerbated by the flashing lights and loud bangs that result from fireworks. The elderly and the very young are also adversely affected by the effects of fireworks. People who have been victims of crime and now suffer from PTS, often relapse when exposed to the effects of fireworks. 

Every year we also see the horrific injuries caused to children which in many cases scar them for life. In addition to negative effects of the fireworks on our citizens both our domesticated  and wild animals as well as our birds suffer when fireworks explode. This can be quite clearly seen by the number of animals that are lost when fireworks are exploding, the amount of animals that get run over and lastly by the amount of animals that injure themselves so badly trying to escape from the fireworks that they have to be put down. 

The trauma caused to pet owners during this time is horrendous. We even had a lady who had a heart attack this year that was brought on when her dog jumped through a window to escape. She is now in a critical condition in ICU. 

 S24 (a) of the Constitution of the RSA states that: “Everyone has the right to an environment that is not harmful to their health or well-being”. By allowing people to buy and use fireworks indiscriminately, this constitutional right is being denied to our citizens. 

We demand that:

1.  That the SAPS and Public Safety be instructed to work together with       concerned citizens and the SPCA, to stamp out this scourge in Rustenburg.

2.  Shop owners and Hawkers selling illegal fireworks be heavy fined and    fireworks confiscated and destroyed by the Police.

3. Taxis transporting illegal fireworks to be impounded.

4. That an educational programme about fireworks be implemented in schools.

5. That the ban on Fireworks be implemented immediately in Rustenburg.