Make Ferris an Official Mascot of the Rust Foundation

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The Rust programming language is a phenomenal example that issues in our world can be fixed by open source, hard work, and community involvement. The Rust language is well-known by those "in the click", and is starting to become more and more prevalent, due to its great speed, and low-level systems abilities.

However, there is another side to creating a popular product, the marketing! And although Rust's logo is quite cool, for some time "Ferris the crab" has been an unofficial mascot. Many Rust users call themselves "Rustaceans", and use the crab as a symbol of Rust. Now that the Rust Foundation is officially forming, while it's early in its stages, this is the time to place Ferris as an official mascot. The foundation could use Ferris to sell merchandise, and allow for not just pure money donations (since it's often fun to get something in return). As seen by the Free Software Foundation, using your brand and imagery (such as the GNU) for merchandise can help make some money, and spread your imagery to different formats. The ability to use Ferris can help create a cute, and lovable mascot to the already phenomenal Rust language.

Ultimately, using Ferris as a logo can help bring in money, create a cute face to be associated with Rust, and help "bond" the community. Help make this a reality today!