For a fan screening/event in France with the cast of Infinity War

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Today french fans are petitioning to have an event for Infinity War in France.

French fans have always been loyal and devoted to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the cast and to all the people who worked hard to bring to the screen these movies which inspire us and changed so many lives. But we have noticed that Marvel kinda ignored us as we didn't have any premiere or event for Spider - Man Homecoming, Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther and many other marvel movies.
Recently we were suprised to learn from Le Grand Rex that we won't have any premiere for the movie in Paris. We understand that it's to avoid spoilers, but like with Mexico, London or Edinburgh we would like at least meet our favorites actors too.
It's not fair that french fans who love this universe as much as the other international fans don't have any occasion to show this love, it's not fair that a country with a big part of the fandom is being ignored.
Some of us just want to realize a dream by meeting their favorites people in the world, but they can't do that without your help. This is why we are asking you today to come to Paris (since it's the capital) to meet your french fans and to make incredible memories with us. All we want is to share with you our admiration for your fantastic work. We promise, you won't regret it.

On vous aime fort and we will always support you guys.

- Your french fans.

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