Save Hasbulla From The Russian Draft

Save Hasbulla From The Russian Draft

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Started by Garbonzo Fargus

Hasbulla Magomedov is an international treasure. We need to make sure he is protected at all costs. In Russia, the age to be considered for conscription is 18-27. Unfortunately our beloved Hasbulla falls within this age range. Since Hasbulla is a prime physical specimen, there is no doubt that there is a conscription letter heading to him right now. Vladimir Putin may have control over Russia but Hasbulla belongs to the good patrons of the internet, a place outside of Putin's jurisdiction. Here is a comprehensive, peer reviewed list of the necessary actions we need to take to save our beloved.

  • Destroy NFT's from the inside out
  • Cure depression amongst the common folk
  • Fight the Power
  • Teach the homeless about the crypto currency
  • Block Vladimir Putin on all social media
  • Scrub the blank slate clean

Its only after we come together and tackle these pressing political issues that Hasbulla can be pardoned from his military service and that we as an international community can sigh a breath of relief. 

37 have signed. Let’s get to 50!