Eyes On Your Drink, It Only Takes A Second

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Too many people of all ages and gender are having their drinks spiked at local venues within the Traralgon Night Club Precinct.

Several options need to be explored:

* We have reached the point of having PSO's and a possible nurse on hand identifying and supporting people needing urgent attention.

* Regular blitz's on drugs taking and selling which is rampant in and around the venues.

* Stricter training and job descriptors for security staff.

* More frequent and visual education for all members of the community on this issue.

* Lastly a forum for parents of teenagers to be educated on the drug culture and how to support their children on the issue of drink spiking. 

Personal story
Two of my daughters have now had their drinks spiked at local venues in the Traralgon Night Club Precinct. Both needed urgent medical attention via an ambulance or immediate visit to Emergency Department at the hospital.
Recently, one of my daughters left the night club after being spiked and collapsed after losing her footing and hit her face on a gutter. This could have been the back of her head and result in her death. She now requires extensive dental work and the mental impact will be lasting. She is a positive community member who now does not feel safe in our town and even feels like she is to blame for this situation. 

We need to come together and address this issues.