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Russell County School Board: Keep funding our engineering program

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I think if people sign this petition they can help save one of the best programs at Lebanon High school. It is a very important program because many of today's careers are involved in engineering in some way. Everything in your household was at one point designed by a engineer and created by a engineer. Every object you use in every day life was thought of and made by an engineer. Our engineering program teaches us everything from math to everyday business skills. Our program is for everyone not just the people who sit behind a computer all day. I'm a football and soccer player and I love this program and I think its a great benefit to our school. If the money is the issue I know several ways the school board can fix that problem. Please help me let the Russell County School Board know how important this program is. The video above is about the robotics team started by our engineering program. On that team we were able to put our knowledge of engineering into real world use.

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