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Mayor Russell Copeman should change the regulation on graffitis on private properties

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French translation will follow soon.

My name is Edward Kalil and I own a building in NDG. Over the years, my building was the subject of many graffitis that I removed in a timely manner. I spent hundreds of dollars of my own money to buy a good remover. My property is very well maintained.

Last winter, I received a fine from the borough in the amount of $1,041. I decided to go to court because I think it is unfair. Not only am I a victim with the graffitis but I am also a victim with the borough. I had just removed the previous graffiti and another one appeared. This has been ongoing for 25 years on my house and on my rental property Second Cup.

You may have seen an article in the Montreal Gazette on March 24th, 2017, ‘NDG property owner battling graffiti tickets in court’.


I am asking for your signature on this petition because I think Mayor Russell Copeman could take the time to rewrite the regulation in order to protect the residents and not hold them responsible. He could do like in Westmount , the city next door, and pay to have graffitis removed. After all, we as residents received the second highest tax increase on the island of Montreal.

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