To remove monument of Robert E. Lee in Richmond Hill, Georgia.

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This is a call to action to remove the Robert E. Lee memorial statue from JF Gregory Park. It is time to do what is right! These monuments are a symbol of injustice and hatred. They glorify bigotry and hatred. They have no place in our community. This needs to happen quickly, as confederate statues are now a rallying point for violence. Whatever they meant before, they are now symbols of oppression and racism. Intention of this petition is for the Confederate monument to be removed and relocated to a local museum, detailing the perspective of the African American experience. 

*The city is unable to remove such monuments itself due to the passing of SB 77, which the government passed during the previous discussion on Confederate monuments. This law prevents local cities from removing or relocating monuments without approval of the state. We hereby demand the city of Richmond Hill petition the state of Georgia to do so.*