Should The Bluebird Project be allowed to run Bluebird this summer?

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With the ongoing dispute between The Bluebird Project and the Ruskin Museum over rights and ownership of the craft still not reaching an agreement, perhaps the public should have a say. The proposed plans are for the Ruskin Museum in Coniston to have the craft for nine months of the year on public display, and the remaining three months on tour with the Bluebird Team. Unfortunately a deal still cant be struck between the two. This historical piece of British engineering has been lovingly brought back to life by a very dedicated and enthusiastic team of people that have spent the past 20 years restoring her to her former glory. They believe that this craft is a living, breathing machine that should be in the water as much as possible. My aim here is to gain as many signatures as possible, and to present this petition to the Ruskin Museum in the hope that they will allow her to run elsewhere this year until they can come to a deal with Bill and his team. Would you like to see her in all her glory this summer? Loch Fad on the Isle of Bute is willing and ready to host her and the team again this year for more testing and the people of Bute are all in strong agreement that this machine should be seen where she belongs... On the water. It's what Donald Campbell would want.