Improve road safety around Toot Hill school

Improve road safety around Toot Hill school

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Why this petition matters

Started by Caroline Franklin

During the first term of the 2021/22 academic year, there were two road traffic accidents involving young students from Toot Hill as they were leaving school grounds.  Both incidents were serious enough that the school children involved needed medical care from paramedics at the scene, and countless other children witnessed something that should not been seen happening close to school grounds.

The school is doing all it can to ensure the safety of our children as they enter and leave school each day, but the support of parents, carers and local residents is also needed. 

I have made contact with local councellors and highways agency to request consideration of some traffic calming measures on both The Banks and Tithby Road.  Unfortunately the response I've had suggests that there are no plans by our local authority to make any road safety improvements in the area.

This petition is to gather support for the following changes to be considered over more than just an email chain with one concerned parent....that's me!  I know there will be many more of you who would feel safer with one or more of:

- Speed bumps along The Banks from the junction with Tithby Road and at least as far as the junction with Banks Paddock.

- A pedestrian crossing on The Banks, at a suitable point between the junction with Tithby Road and the school entrance, and a second pedestrian crossing between the school entrance and the junction with Grantham Road.

- A traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing on Tithby Road adjacent to the exit from the school field

The usual problems including lack of funding, limited resources and requests for improvements close to school being an everyday occurence, have all be sighted as reasons why we should not expect to see any changes around Toot Hill school. 

I wont sit by and wait for a fatality to happen before taking action so please support me by signing this petition if you agree that the roads around Toot Hill school need to be made safer.

Thank you.

122 have signed. Let’s get to 200!