Rural Free Delivery

Rural Free Delivery

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Started by Dan Wall

We, the undersigned, residents of Summit County, Colorado would ask you to consider and act upon the following concerning our service from the United States Postal Service.


  • Home Delivery, or at least central boxes where we can claim our mail close to home.  Driving to the post office everyday is simply not acceptable.
  • A computerized method to route our mail and packages so that mail with a home address instead of a PO Box will not automatically be sent back.
  • Staffing that meets the needs of our community.  We often have ONE person in the post office at the sales desk who is also responsible for putting mail in the boxes.
  • Parcels are regularly returned to sender because independent delivery services such as UPS and FedEx and PO Box holders are unaware this transfer is going to happen.  Shippers cannot tell a customer how their package will arrive whether at their door or at the post office. There is no effort made to use the receiver’s name to determine the correct PO Box despite the fact that the USPS contracts with these shippers to deliver packages “the last mile.”
  • Humane working conditions for our postal employees.  The USPS must HIRE MORE PEOPLE to work in Summit County.
  • It is reported that the application process at the post office takes approximately three months-after which most people have gone on to other jobs.  The Post Office must ADAPT-Slash the bureaucracy and serve our community.
121 have signed. Let’s get to 200!