Music/Arts Education in Rural Schools

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Music programs in rural areas are an essential growing point for both individual students and entire communities. The music community in the East Gippsland region is one of the best in rural Australia, and has been thriving for decades. A significant contributor to this community is the music program at Bairnsdale Secondary College, which is now suffering a major hit.

The college recently has made the decision to cut funding to a number of important subjects of the school. The music program - which constantly contributes not only to the school, but to the community locally and interstate - is one of these hit. The highly successful program has had a long-lasting impact on students and staff since its creation. Concerned locals fear for the wellbeing of the students and staff at the repression of the program. Parents have deliberately enrolled their children in this school specifically for these programs and they have a reputation Australia wide. Bands from the Defense Force and professional musicians from all over the country have come to this area to play with the students and the teachers in the community.

We are making an effort to address the injustice of depriving the youth of a thriving community of the very thing that makes it so. We call on the School Board at BSC to reverse the decision before it can be finalised, and the Education Department to help with the cause.

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