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Rural America Ignored by FEMA, These are the farmers that feed you!

FEMA refused aid to Southern Illinois tornado victims. These are the farm towns and farmers that feed the USA and the world. Perhaps FEMA wants us to import more of the wonderful food from Mexico?  Why don't we just give it up and import our food from China?  Please support USA farmers and farm towns.  Do you want to eat USA grown food?  Then please support the farm towns and farmers that grow it!  Let FEMA know by signing this petition.

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Give Aid to Tornado Victims of Southern Illinois

FEMA refused aid to Southern Illinois tornado victims. They said the disaster wasn't "big enough" and the State of Illinois should take care of it. This tornado flattened many rural farming communities that have small populations. These people need help. Entire communities have been wiped out and nobody cares. Please help them. They are good, hard working people who are farmers. They feed you!!! FEMA needs to help these people.


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