Murdoch, Report Climate Science not Fiction

Murdoch, Report Climate Science not Fiction

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Morgyn Quinn started this petition to Rupert Murdoch

How wonderful it would be to live in the world of News Ltd and its subscribers. A wonderful fairytale land beyond the laws of physics and cause and effect - a world where burning fossil fuels has no effect on the biosphere.

I am writing as a concerned citizen of Australia, and the world.

Anthropogenic Climate Change is a reality, backed by scientific evidence.

Both our environment and our economy is in for a nasty surprise in the coming decades should we follow our current trajectory - yet to read the pages of your numerous papers (The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, The Cairns Post, The Courier Mail, The Townsville Bulletin, Gold Coast Bulletin, etc) and your television media (Sky News, Fox News etc) it would seem that you have no interest in reporting facts and are willfully spreading misinformation. The result is an astounding proportion of the population believe climate change is a hoax or a lefty conspiracy to sell more solar panels.

The leading body of climate change researchers has urged world leaders to commit to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius rather than the original commitment of below 2 degrees, however your media assets consistently dismiss scientific reports, (including the latest IPCC report) and directly threaten Australia’s natural capital, and the future of our country.

Your publications have a very heavy bias towards politicians who have a climate policy of inaction, and you employ this bias in ways which corrupt our democratic elections. The result is propaganda for the fossil fuel industry and the Liberal Party and a dumbed down electorate. This is entirely irresponsible and immoral. The Australian public deserves better.

To have concerns about the environment or fossil fuels is not about Left or Right, Liberal vs Labor vs Greens.

It is not be about identity politics. Each of us, across the political spectrum have a horse in this race. It is our conversation to have, without paid propaganda and special interest groups skewing the debate and obfuscating the science.

This is why we demand the following:




PAID EDITORIAL SHOULD BE MARKED AS SUCH. You cannot continue to take coal industry funding to run anti-climate action advertising.

There is so much at stake - at the top of the list: a live-able world for our children.  Your irresponsible and cynical editorial policy is wilfully spreading misinformation that directly affects global biodiversity, the Great Barrier Reef and an associated, mulit-billion-dollar tourism industry,  the livelihoods of pastoralists and farmers - the backbone of this country - who are facing ever more severe drought. We simply can’t afford to turn our arable farmland into mines such as the Adani project. We simply can’t afford to allow mining interests free and unlimited access to our precious artesian reserves or allow new coal fired power plants to be built with taxpayer dollars.

Australians are fed up with vested interests in Politics and the media. The current route of the LNP has become the latest in a long line of embarrassments to our National Image. The rest of the world is watching, unable to turn away from the train wreck Australia has become - thanks to you, Rupert.

If you receive money from the Mineral Council or other Corporate donors, and if this leads you to avoid factual reporting in favour of advertising revenue - then you are compromised. If this is the case, then you need to clearly label your editorials for what they are: Paid advertisements.

Australia is in a position to lead the way on Climate policy and we have a moral obligation to do so. Whether or not an individual believes climate change is completely man-made, what is not up for debate is that we are most certainly accelerating and amplifying the effects. What we should be doing is doing anything we can to mitigate them - before it’s too late. At the very least, we need bipartisan and honest reporting of FACTS - not one-sided denial of an overwhelming body of evidence, which your publications not only ignore, but actively speak against. This is not only irresponsible, it borders on criminally negligent.

Until you change your backwards unscientific and compromised editorial stance, there is no option but to BOYCOTT YOUR PUBLICATIONS and continue to lobby for unbiased reporting.

For your own sake and readership, start reporting facts not fiction. Make a statement acknowledging that human make climate change is real, and acknowledge your financial ties to the fossil fuel industry.

We would like Journalism, not Propaganda.

Morgyn Quinn


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