RUOK must repudiate Allison Langdon for telling hospitality workers to 'get another job'.

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Allison Langdon is an ambassador for RUOK which purports to promote suicide prevention by addressing mental health concerns by encouraging people to ask the question 'RUOK?". An estimated 88,000 hospitality workers have lost their jobs due to the Covid outbreak, with up to 200,000 jobs predicted to go in the months ahead. Many of these workers are at risk of suicide due to unemployment. This morning on the Today show when Hospo voice union representative Laurence Sadler outlined his concern for the wellbeing of hospitality workers being forced to return to work due and their vulnerability to exploitation Langdon advised that “maybe you should get a job in another industry then." This lack of empathy combined with clear contempt for hospitality workers is an insult to Sadler and a slap in the face for hospitality workers who find themselves either at risk in an unsafe workplace or jobless in what is the highest period of unemployment in Australian history. It's evident Allison doesn't have the appropriate values to properly promote suicide prevention. RUOK must sever its relationship with Langdon effective immediately in order to demonstrate a commitment to its core values. 

Today host Allison Langdon disregards plight of hospitality workers

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