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NO to Russian Repressions: Free yogi Mitradev!

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14.07 the court of the Burgas city makes a decision on the Extradition of Yogi Mitradevanand Paramahamsa to the Russian Federation, thereby signing a death sentence to an innocent person!
Mitradevananda Paramahamsa is a yogi of the tradition "Kaula Dharma", who posesses the outstanding abilities and performs severe ascetic practices daily. With the help of social networks, Mitradevananda shares experience in yoga practices, restoring health, achieving prosperity. At the same time, Mitradevananda , his wife and numerous active readers of information Kaula Dharma openly oppose the cult of poverty, the cult of Stalinization, propaganda in the Russian Federation, violation of human rights and freedoms, censorship. In 2014, Mitradevananda posted a video with the proposal of non-violent protest - an indefinite fasting against the current regime and against created living conditions of people which are close to the conditions of cattle lifestyle. The public activity became the reason of open persecution and extremism in relation to Mitradevananda from the side of the authorities of the Russian Federation. " Moscow has developed an elaborate and well-funded strategy in recent years of using - critics say abusing - foreign courts and law enforcement systems to go after its enemies." - "How Moscow Uses Interpol to Pursue Its Enemies" Andrew Higgins, The New York Times, 06.11. 2016
Four months after Mitradevananda and his family and friends legally left the territory of the Russian Federation and moved to Bulgaria, a trumped-up criminal case on murder was opened in Moscow. Despite the fact that the alleged murdered person regularly shoots a video that he is alive and well, the criminal case is not being closed. Six months later, the Russian Federation's Investegation authorities seeks to get Mitradevananda , his wife Kseniia Khodyreva, Tatiana Severtseva and other yogi's friends on international wanted list
. Thanks to an obviously absurd fabricated case, Interpol, which is called to serve justice, becomes a weapon of reprisal against dissent in the hands of the Russian authorities. 29.05.2017 the arrest of Mitradevananda Paramahamsa and Tatiana Severceva is being carried out . Preventive punishment is the imprisonment of a yogi! All applications for changing the measure of restraint are rejected. All the persuasions to take into account that Mitradevananda, who is leading yogi lifestyle, can not consume prison food and needs special bioadditives are not taken into consideration. In spite of everything, Mitradevananda performs daily ascetic practices, including a three-hour shirshasana, in the most terrible conditions of imprisonment! By the end of the official imprisonment of 40 days Russia sends documents on a new criminal case and a request for the extradition. The criminal case of the murder had to be closed, because there had never been any murder. But the time dragged on deliberately, in order to have time to compile and open a new criminal case. But despite all attempts to prove that there is no FAIR trial in the Russian Federation and there are a lot of evidences of this, the court issues a decision to Extradite. In a country where people are arrested for the propagation of yoga, where criminal cases are opened without evidence and where the defendants are tortured and killed in cells where they are imprisoned for posting and reposting information in social networks - in fact there can not be a fair trial.
 We ask President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev to cancel the extradition of the yogi and to grant Mitradevananda a political asylum in Bulgaria.
 We demand that Mitradevananda be given the right to a fair trial in the court, as stipulated in the European Convention on Human Rights and for this we appeal to the ECHR.
 We demand Interpol to admit that this is a politically motivated persecution and to remove Mitradevananda and the rest from Interpol's base. We ask numerous human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, Freedomhouse and others, where we used to apply many times before, to admit that Yogi Mitradevananda is being persecuted by the Russian authorities and to influence the situation by not allowing extradition and continuing the repression of an innocent person.
 Finally, we ask the world community to pay attention to the problem of persecution for dissent in Russia and to recognize the Russian Federation as a dangerous totalitarian state.
The facts of the persecution of Yogi Mitradevananda Paramahamsa , violations of rights and freedoms, torture and repression of their citizens by the Russian authorities and much more can be found on the official pages of information Kaula Dharma on Facebook, Youtube and on the official site http://kaula-dharma.com/ 
We hope that you will not remain indifferent, because tomorrow the ruler of the nuclear power country - the Russian Federation - may consider that YOU are threatening the current authorities!


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