Encourage Joe Rogan to move to Rumble

Encourage Joe Rogan to move to Rumble

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Started by Jon Bennett

We want to encourage Joe Rogan to move his podcast to Rumble. We are working towards this goal because censorship is always, and in all cases, evil.

Ideas, good or bad, must stand or fall on their own merits. The only ideas that depend on force for support are ideas that cannot stand up to open debate. Those would be the bad ones.

Spotify is attempting to use the same tool that dictators and tyrants have taken since time began - censorship. Trimming 11 million viewers from that platform will reduce their revenue. This would be a good thing because the sooner we start de-funding tech platforms that function as government surrogates, the less government supported propaganda we will have to deal with. Let Spotify be the first one.

As for Spotify trying to walk the line between de-platforming and censored speech, censorship needs to be a "third-rail". When a platform engages in censorship at any level, however slight, we need to end our engagement with that platform.

It is no more complicated than that.


9 have signed. Let’s get to 10!