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1) They are Muslims and Innocent people, Majorly Women’s & children's.
2) "This is not Gaza's battle to fight alone, but belongs to all of us."
3) The only thing that can change the equation, is for the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation "to take a genuine stand" and use oil as a weapon to push the United States to pressure its ally Israel.
4) Its High time Arab Oil Rich Companies come in front and take a stand to protect the lives of Poor Palestine people.
5) 22 Palestine's have been killed so far, in a airstrikes, is there no VALUE of MUSLIM BLOOD?
6) The primary economic activities of Gaza are small-scale industries, agriculture and labor. How can these people be Terrorist?
7) Gaza has a very young population with roughly 75% under the age of 25. It has one of the highest population densities in the world. They are denied a peaceful life Muslim world should take into consideration Israelis are killing the innocent Muslims
8) CAIRO - Thousands of Egyptians protested against Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip on Friday as Egypt's prime minister visited the Palestinian enclave in a symbolic show of support for the territory's Hamas rulers. This shows the anger of the people Against the Israel
9) The Israel's assigning blame to Hamas for initiating the current conflict is a transparent lie. The assault on Gaza does not in fact constitute, as Israel claims, "retaliation" for a Palestinian anti-tank rocket fired on November 10. November 4, when the IDF murdered a mentally unsound Palestinian man, as well as November 8, when the IDF murdered a 13-year-old boy playing soccer. Secondly, the supposed "retaliation" shattered an Egyptian-brokered truce in effect at the time.
10) Palestine Doesn’t Have ARMY, AIR FORCES, NAVY Who will Protect them, it’s the responsibility of Rich Muslim Countries to defend them.

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