Call for a World Constituent Assembly to remove power from the UN and givi it to the peopl

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In the face of the very serious world civilizational crisis, and as the only way out of peace, I adhere to the proposal of a World Government of Peoples under the World Constitution for the Federation of the Earth, elaborated and approved by Universal Citizens throughout the Planet. Earth in four World Constituents. We propose a federated and democratic world government under a World Parliament that makes binding decisions (not recommendations like the UN), made up of virtuous people with a planetary vision, to eradicate poverty, war, pollution.

I join the call to the governments and peoples of the Earth to initiate the World Constitutional process, installing the Chamber of Nations, transforming the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization by constituent power, taking away all decision-making power and vetoing the Council Security and submitting the Secretary General to the decisions of the House of Nations.

Let's save human civilization.