Save the NRL - Oust Greenburg

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Todd Greenburg has done enough damage to the game we love so much. He has proven to be a weak leader that goes with the flow. He recently had the opportunity to showcase his leadership skills when he said ALL the referees involved in the horrendous mistakes that were made in the recent Canberra - Sharks game, would be dropped from next weeks round. Lo and behold little did he know that Bernard Sutton, the Referees Boss and brother of one of the affected referees, would show how weak a leader is and defied him and refused to drop his brother.

The Footy fans are fed up with this sort of nepotism highly prevalent in today's game and want change. Real Change at the top. So we are proposing that Todd Greenburg the CEO and Bernard Sutton should step down for the good of the game, failing which we will not be buying tickets to attend the games in future and Sponsors will not get their return on investment by pumping in huge amounts of money into the NRL.

So please support this call and Save the game of Footy - the family game.