Petition for Cameron Clyne to resign as Chairman of the Rugby Australia board

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This week Rugby Australia finally appointed Raelene Castle as their new Chief Executive Officer after a gruelling world wide search that began and ended in Sydney. To be fair to the new CEO she is not a member of the Shore Alumni, as far as we know doesn't reside in Mosman and isn't a member of the Friends of Sydney University Football Club. 

To allow Ms Castle to implement much needed change the Rugby Community needs one major thing to occur, the resignation of the disgraced Chairman of the Rugby Australia board Cameron Clyne.

This individual has done great damage to the game in Australia through leading a destructive culling of a Super Rugby side based in Perth, has turned down $50 million dollars from Andrew Forrest, has stonewalled the negotiations to approve the IPRC which may end up replacing Super Rugby, hasn't come up with a business plan with the VRU to prove that the Melbourne Rebels is going to finally be a sustainable business going forward and the culling of a Super Rugby side has led their state union go down the path of Voluntary Administration. This is only the start of the destruction that this individual has led the game in Australia to its potential demise.